1. justoontario:

    Day 1

     Justin Ontario wearing  Kea and Co. SS 2014 harem pants 

  2. Beautiful and Bright colors from KEA and Co @ Afropunk Festival 

  3. solisseblog:

    IG: mayasworld

    OMG I saw her at the ZARA store  today!!!

    (via afrodesiacworldwide)

  4. blackfashion:

    Name: Linea Johnson

    Age: 23

    Location: North Carolina

    Submitted by: modern-pharaoh.tumblr.com

    Wearing: Modern Pharaoh Ivory Coast Tee

    YEEESSSSS!!! Ivorycoast!!!!

  5. curly-essence:


    Nikita Mitchell wearing Kea and Co. pants

    Photographer: Julisa Campbell

  6. KEA and Co. 

    Blue Drop Crotch pants

  7. Kea and Co. SS 2014

  8. lovelyandbrown:

    You really wanna know how I got it like that
    ‘Cause I got a cute face
    And my booty so fat

    Go girl (go girl)
    She got that bomb (that bomb)
    That girl can get whatever she wants.

  9. lovelyandbrown:


    I CANNOT wait until spring to rock these amazing gifted handmade african print pants from one of my amazing followers, Renee Guiraud (keafashion). 

    Renee hails from the Ivory Coast, and created her line Kea and Co last year. She and her mother wanted to design chic african print clothing for young and old stylish women; they have clearly succeeded! Starting with shorts and pants, they are now expanding their designs to dresses and bags. 

    These pants are SUPER comfy (they have pockets! front and back!), my usually stuffy mama LOVED them, and who doesn’t love authentic prints from the motherland? Perfect for spring and I can’t wait to rock them at a music festival near you (let’s hope I can score some coachella tix!) 

    To contact Renee, hit her up on tumblr (keafashion) or check out her etsy page. Support your fellow brown skin entrepreneurs while stocking up on your spring wardrobe :) Thanks again, Renee!!!

  10. ruralcity:

    South African and Sri Lankan. Rise of the subaltern. haha
    —-Pangy Day 2014